Chiropractors: A New Way to Ditch Back Pain

In the world of digital domination, everyone is on the go for that perfect click of the camera and you need the exact same perfection on the poses you do in front of the lens. The thing about aiming to be photogenic includes posture and that’s where it all hits us all. In the same sense physical portrayal has become vital in our day to day lives, we also need to sit in front of our screens from sunrise to sundown for work and whether we admit it or not it has taken a toll on our postures and has led us to an equal ton of back pain. More than that, due to lack of movement from our office agendas, we have done little or no exercise after a tiresome day in the office.  

So how do we really develop back pain every so often? Our lifestyle precisely gives us the answer we need and we only need to notice the things we do every day. This is the answer of so many of us but how about the ones who are still suffering back pain even with some lifestyle changes. Yes you can exercise or try to fix that slouch way of sitting but as a part of a world that needs to eat to survive, we need to work and we work on our desks every single day and we cannot save our backs from that. 

You may ask, so what can I really do? Should I go get a massage? Trust me I’m a spa person but back pain hides away when a massage therapist is around but creeps back in after a day or two. Maybe you want to try acupuncture? I tell you, not everyone is fond of needles, most specially a lot of it sticking on your back for a certain period of time. Since both methods may not be for everyone, it’s high time to suggest consulting a Chiropractor. 

What is a Chiropractor? 

A chiropractor is a health care professional that specialize in the treatment and diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders. Chiropractors receive a special training to manually adjust your spine and eliminate misalignments in your spine that may be causing you those back pain every now and then.  

I have read that the spine is a delicate area of the body and every action done to it must be taken into account, can I be sure it is safe to consult a Chiropractor? 

Yes! Chiropractic is a recognized safe method that is drug-free and a non-invasive therapy available for neuromusculoskeletal complaints.  

Now that you have another option for your back-pain dilemmas, let me suggest a top-rated chiropractor for you. Dr. Thomas Harvey is a top rated chiropractor Toluca Lake, he is highly trained in assessing the spine and determining areas that require the correction that specific area needs. Spinal correction not only helps you on what you think as regular back pain but helps eliminate causes and root problems of symptoms and poor health. The thing about chiropractic practice is it helps you ditch expensive medications and decrease your need for sick visits to the doctor. If you are someone active this method can also help fine tune those athletic skills.  

You can definitely know more about Chiropractor Toluca Lake through or you can call 818-506-3040 for your convenience.  


Things to Know When Getting Brazilian Keratin

Every woman is very particular about their hair. Some envy those who was beautiful and sleek hair. Others struggle to keep their hair tame and straight. But with hair technology evolves, now every woman can have their own beautiful straight hair through Brazilian keratin treatment. 

What is the Effect of Brazilian Keratin? 

1. It saves you time from styling straight your hair. If you want to make your hair straight always, then do the Brazilian keratin treatment. You already know how frustrating it is to wake up each morning and do your hair for a couple of minutes. Instead of focusing on other routines, you end up taking more time for your hair. But with this treatment, you no longer need to style your hair. It is already sleek and shiny. No more blow-dry and flatiron each morning. 

2. You don’t have frizzy hair anymore. Getting a Brazilian keratin treatment enables you to get rid of frizzy hair. This is because it will make your hair not just straight but as well as shiny and sleek. All you need is to find the best Brazilian Keratin San Diego salon to do your hair. 

Things to consider before you take the Brazilian Keratin: 

a. Doing the treatment is better than spending everyday flat ironing and blow drying your hair daily. Blow-dry and flatiron can actually cause the hair to lose its protein and dry up. Though having the Brazilian treatment, you need high heating iron to set it up on your hair, but it is actually a better option that you doing it every day. If getting a treatment once can solve your hair problem, it might be worth it than risking the health of your hair every day from Flatiron. 

b. Brazilian keratin will last long if you don’t use sulfate hair care products. Sulfate is the most common ingredients you can find in hair care products. That is why it is very important to look for a product that is sulfate-free if you want the treatment to last longer than usual. Sea and pool are also another way to get sulfate to your hair, so if you currently have done the treatment, taking a dip into the pool or sea is not a good option.  

c. Keratin can actually last up to two months on your hair. But you can make the effect longer when you avoid sulfate or salt on your hair. Make sure to take good care in choosing a product you will use.  

d. Don’t get Brazilian keratin on a salon that offers cheap deals. Though it is tempting there is a saying, you get what you paid for. You don’t want to put your hair into someone not good enough to do the treatment. Salon that asks for an expensive price actually indicates that the person who will do the treatment is professional and has received her education well. Find a salon who can work diligently according to your need. Don’t base your decision according to the price and ends up regretting it.